First Haircut

Our little guy turned three a few weeks ago.  Up until then he never had a haircut.  For a while his long, curly locks looked real cool flying all over he place but lately its been more messy than anything resembling a hair style.  So the time came – We needed to get him a haircut.

Our guy is kind of shy so we really didn’t know how he would react to sitting in a chair and having a virtual stranger use use blades to cut his hair.  In order to minimize any fears we did a few things: 1) My wife bought him a light-up lollipop that he was told would be his if he was good (a little carrot on a stick); 2) We went as a family to lend support; and 3) We went to a local barber who cuts my hair as it was cheaper than a specialty place and my son has seem him before (we used to be his neighbor).

I can’t say Little Guy was gung-ho for a haircut but he seemed like he would go through with it.  When it was his turn to step up to the chair though he broke into tears exclaiming “I am afraid.”  Uh-oh.  Fortunately he was willing to sit in the chair on my wife’s lap.  Nothing like the comfort of mommy to take away any fear!  We also gave him his lollipop to hold, figuring this would help distract him.

Our barber was great!  He was careful not to be in our Little Guy’s face too much and did his best to make him feel at home and unafraid.  Before we knew it we saw our son’s face and neck without hair all over it!  As the cut went on Little Guy was more comfortable to the point where it didn’t bother him at all.  In fact, afterward he told us the haircut wasn’t scary at all.

The haircut was done.  Wow!  Little Guy was a new boy!  Its amazing what a new haircut can do to make someone look so different!  He looks so much older now and taller too.

Ever get a haircut and feel like a new person?  I swear Little Guy has been more outgoing since the haircut.  Emily over at Remodeling This Life wrote about her son turning three and said “My baby boy woke up a 3 year old today.”  I know what she means.  We didn’t fully feel what three was like on his birthday but now we look at him with the short locks and we realize he’s no longer the baby or toddler he once was – he’s this full-on little boy!

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What was your experience with your child’s first haircut like?

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