Pesticides And ADHD

A recent government health survey of 1,139 children, aged 8-15 and who were tested for ADHD and who had their urine samples tested for pesticides, is showing that children with above-average levels of pesticide are more than twice as likely to have ADHD.

The survey doesn’t prove the connection between pesticides and ADHD but it does show a strong connection that should lead to more investigation.

Here’s the way I see it: There have been many chemicals that have come out in the past 50 years that have been used for a variety of purposes without long-range study.  Could a chemical that’s put on a fruit to detract insects be harmful to people?  It doesn’t surprise me at!

In one report, frozen blueberries, celery, and strawberries had the most pesticide residue.

What to do?  Eat as much organic food as possible!

Yes, organic food is more expensive. But think about the cost.  Don’t you usually get what you pay for?  If you are buying non-organic food then you are possibly buying a lower quality food with higher levels of pesticides which can be harming you and your children.  What is the cost of the pesticides?

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What is the cost of health care for children with ADHD? How about any other health effects we don’t know about yet?  I firmly believe that if we take a pro-active approach to health in general then we can cut down future health costs.

Clearly the effects of the pesticides are an unintended consequence that isn’t taken into account in the price of the food!  What does that mean?  Food that has been sprayed with harmful pesticides should, in reality, be way more expensive than organic food to cover the cost of the risks associated with the pesticides.

We don’t eat entirely organic ourselves.  But we try.  This survey is an eye-opener an we will be making every effort to eat mostly organic.  We can’t afford to risk the health of or children.

If you aren’t eating organic yet then do what you can to start. Even if you try to eat organic one food at a time then that’s a great start!  Pick one food, like milk or blueberries, and always buy it organic.  As time goes on pick more and more foods as organic.

Check out what the Huffington Post reports:

A 2008 Emory University study found that in children who switched to organically grown fruits and vegetables, urine levels of pesticide compounds dropped to undetectable or close to undetectable levels.

If you switch the food you eat you can change your health for the better.

Will this change what foods you eat?

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  1. I have often wondered if the chemicals that are put on lawns all the time now are also part of the problem. When I was growing up, you never heard about ADHD, but we also didn’t put all types of chemicals all over our lawns. Of course, it is possible they just didn’t recognize or treat ADHD as much 25 years ago either. However, it has been a concern of mine ever since my kids played soccer on a field in the park that had been sprayed the day before and all their shoes turned a strange shade of neon yellow. I just kept thinking of what color their lungs were after that game!
    .-= Everyday Tips´s last blog ..Tips for Traveling With Kids =-.

    • PFMAdmin says:

      I read Ultrametabolism by Dr Mark Hyman a while back. I recall something along the lines that every person, to this day, still has trace elements of DDT in their body even though it was banned decades ago. That’s a scary statistic. I agree that there were probably many children that weren’t diagnosed with ADHD long ago because there wasn’t enough info. on it but who knows what these chemicals are doing to us?