Credit Card Perks – Take Advantage of What You Have

If you’re a responsible credit card user (you pay it off monthly), then you can some significant savings with your credit cards. Many people already know of some great reward cards that can help them get airline tickets, cash back, or points.  They don’t, however, know that they can get free services that can save some money on their next purchases.

If you’re on top of them, credit cards can keep some money in your pocket.

Car Rental Insurance

Visa Credit Card on WalletMany people know that if they check their current car insurance policy, they’ll probably find that they are already covered for their rental car.  However, did you know you have another source of protection?  If you have a credit card, check to see your coverage with car rentals.  You may be surprised to know that you can save money by not getting the coverage at the car rental office since you’re covered by your credit card.

Warranties – Double Protection on What You Buy

When you buy big ticket items like TVs or computers, you want to make sure your electronics are covered.  Those extended warranties offered at stores aren’t the best deal. At the same time, you don’t want to stress out if if your electronic gear breaks.

If you’ve made a big purchase with a credit card, rest a bit easier.  Did you know that it’s common to extend your warranty by a year?

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Trip Cancellation Insurance

Nothing ruins a trip more than having to cancel – unless you lose your money on top of having a cancelled trip.  Some travel sites charge you a fee to include cancellation insurance.  If you put the trip on your credit card, you may already have it covered.

Discounts and Deals

One complaint with having credit cards is that it can encourage customers to spend more.  Did you know that if you’re a savvy shopper who has something in mind to buy already, you may be able to save some big money.  For example, Citi cards has a site for their customers showing discounts you can get with participating retailers.

Concierge Services

Who knew that credit cards can get you more cultured?  If you’re looking for concert tickets in your city, call your credit card to see if their concierge service that help you out.

How Do I See What I Qualify For?

The best thing to do is to call the companies yourself and get the answers you need.  Here the sites and numbers to the big credit card networks and their member benefits:

You may be directed to your specific credit card’s hotline.  Make sure when you call, you take notes on who you spoke with and what they told you.  Go online and check out you’re credit card’s site to see if you can find any more deals for you.

Thoughts on Credit Card Perks

It pays to check your credit card’s perks, you could be saving some significant money on purchases you were already going to make.  If you’re careful with your credit cards as you are with your cash, you can come out ahead.

I know some readers use credit cards, so I’m curious to see what’s your strategy.  Have you taken advantage of these perks? What other benefits have you’ve used with your credit cards?

Today’s guest post comes from Elle at Couple Money. She helps families achieve financial freedom as a couple by sharing tips for reducing debt and building income.

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