Baseball Team Confusion and Links

The baseball season has begun! Me, I’m a Mets fan.  That means, for now, my son is a Mets fan.  Cool, right?  Problem is, I might be taking him to his first baseball game.  Where?  Yankee Stadium!  Honestly, I don’t hate on the Yanks, they are a good team and being a Mets fan is going to be hard this year.  Still, I wish I could be taking him to CitiField for his first game.  This is an important step in the little guy’s life and I don’t want him growing up confused about who to like.  I mean, this has life-long ramifications, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here are some great articles I found this week: | Outrageous Kid Parties
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Bible Money Matters | When Is The IRA Contribution And Recharacterization Deadline?
MoneySmartsBlog | Canadians are not withdrawing from rrsps at an alarming rate
Clariity Blog | Why You Need a Will and Last Testament
PT Money | Lower My Cell Phone Bill
NYC Dads & Stay At Home Dads Group | How Can Parents Get More Sleep?
Oblivious Investor | Taking Social Security and Investing the Money
The Wisdom Journal | Downsize Your Home and Upsize Your Wallet
Boomer and Echo | Kids And Money
Stupid Cents | Guide To Teaching Your Kids About Money & Personal Finance
Studenomics | Saving or Investing Money to Get Rich?
Debt Free Adventure | Better Investing for Beginners – Betterment Review
Moolanomy | How to Get a Good Auto Loan Rate

And these are the carnivals Parenting Family Money took part in:

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  1. Thanks for the mention, go Blue Jays! 😉