Theoretically a Toddler Can Get Her Hand Stuck In a Baby Wipes Box

So, I think theoretically, a toddler, say around 21 months or so, can get their hand stuck in a box of baby wipes.

I say theoretically because that would never happen around here…

But, say a toddler were playing with a box of wipes.  And say the child was sticking her hand in the top pulling out wipes, you know, to clean dolls and such.  By my calculations, a child could stick their hand in up to the wrist and not be able to pull it out.

You would find out about this because you would hear the child start to get irritated and panic behind you (like if you were at a desk and the child were a few feet away playing, I’m just saying).

child giving thumbs okBeing a guy, first thing I’d think of is we need the Jaws of Life!  Well, that and don’t let Mom find out.

But the MacGuyver in you would be calm and relaxed and try to find a way to squeeze that chubby little baby-hand out.  But it wouldn’t work.  See what would probably happen is that doughy little part at the base of the hand and thumb would just get all squishy and not fit back through the opening.

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And you stay calm to help your child remain calm as well as she tried to pull her hand out repeateted as you tried to help her.

Then you’d realize that you need some sort of lubrication!  Butter is too messy.  WD-40 is too far away (and messy too).  What is wet, soapy, and nearby?  A wipes!

So you take the wipes and try to wrap it around the hand that’s stuck.  This helps protect the hand as you try to pull it out and it’s a bit of a lubricant.

It’s not the easiest, but I’m pretty sure you can squeeze the little paw back through the hole in the box.  All with no damage.

Obviously, you would keep an eye on your child at every moment so you would never need this information.  I’m just sayin’ I’m pretty sure it could happen is all.

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  1. How about scissors?

    • I’ve never about getting scissors stuck in a baby wipes box before.

      But in general, we keep the sharp ones way out of reach (even the round kid ones need to be asked for first).

  2. This is all just academic huh LOL