My Son Doesn’t Want To Take His Diaper Off

A while back I talked about potty training our son. After some ups and downs it’s really taken hold and my son rarely has an accident.  The only time an accident occurs is if he’s had a long nap.  Heck, he’s gotten to where he goes off the the toilet on his own.

But at night we still put a diaper on him. We haven’t had the guts to push his potty training to sleeping.  He could probably do it.  There have been plenty of mornings where his diaper has been dry but there have also been many where it wasn’t.  For us, we’re just not ready yet to wash his bedding when he has an accident.  So he wears a diaper at night.

Some mornings the little guy doesn’t want to take his diaper off. I always chalked this up to his being tired and cranky in the morning but today I found out the truth.  I was taking his diaper off and he started yelling for me to stop.  I asked why?  And then the truth came out: he doesn’t want his diaper off because it helps hold his pants up!  Serious?!?  See his pj’s are a bit big on him so sometimes the pants slide off his skinny rear.  The diaper helped hold the pants in place.  Wow.  It’s amazing how the mind of a child works isn’t it?  Makes perfect sense! 

Imagine what goes on in a kid’s mind all day that they can’t articulate to you? Next time your child seems irrational about something, take a moment and try to think like them.  The answer might make prefct sense once you figure it out!

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