Lovin’ Spring Break and Links

Spring Break is pretty cool this year – it lasts for more than a week. The different holidays spread out this year so it makes the holiday a little longer than usual.  I’m not complaining!

We’ve been catching up with friends and family all week.  Of course it’s also a time to reflect on family and life during the holiday.  On top of that we’ve been trying to take care of things that need doing around the house.  Vacations like this end up being busy.  But it’s been good and it will be a bit sad to see out oldest and my wife head back to school.  Only a few more months until the Summer though!

I hope your holiday (be it Passover or Easter) has been great!

Here are some great articles to check out:

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Not Made of Money | Saving For Your Child’s College Education and 529 Plans
CNN | Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps

And the carnivals Parenting Family Money took part in:

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