The Local Library Is A Great Resource

MoneyNing has a great article up today titled 10 Reasons to Have a Library Card. Though I’ve had a library card since I was a child it’s only been in the last couple of years have I started to take advantage of the library.  I was one who would go into Barnes & Noble and browse around until I found a book to buy, half priding myself on what my personal “library” would look like.  Other times I’d be bored and go on Amazon to see what was on sale there.  I read lots of great books but I also left myself with a lot of heavy clutter (not to mention credit card charges!).  Now when I want a book I check the library online and reserve the book to my local branch.

Check out some of the great reasons MoneyNing listed to have a library card:

  • Museum Passes – Many local libraries have free or discount passes to museums. These passes usually have to be reserved but they can save you significant money if you are going to the museum with your family.
  • Wi-fi – Your local Starbucks may have service but you have to pay for it in one way or another.  You also need to find a seat and if you’re like me, you feel the pressure of taking up a seat when other carryig a tray of hot drinks are looking for a place to sit.  The library wi-fi is free!
  • Books – Kind of a no-brainer but these days you have the added bonus of reserving books online and having books delivered to your local branch for pickup.  You might even get email alerts on the books availability.
  • Classes – Libraries tend to offer learning classes for adults on a whole array of subjects that are free to attend.

For our family, the library provides a great resource for the kids – Story Time! We’ve gone many times.  They tell stories, sing songs, and have craft projects for our toddler.  Cost – Free!  They even have events for older kids like game night for teens.  Hey, we worry about what are kids are doing right?  An evening at the library sounds like a nice way to cut down on the worrying.

Another benefit is the library is a place to donate your old books! We’ve cut out so much clutter by bringing books by the library for donation.  They will provide a reciept for you so you can use it as a tax deduction.

If you haven’t checked out your library then you really should do so. You can find that you can save a lot of money and there are many resources a library provides that may not have been aware of.  When we don’t take advantage of our local library we not only miss out on what they have to offer but risk losing thier resources when government budget cuts hit.  Libraries need to show they are necessary for their neighborhood so when you use them you are helping to keep them open.

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Do you know of any other benefits a library offers?

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