Potty Training Our Son – A Pleasant Surprise

Our son is just under two and a half now. With another little one on the way real soon it’s about time we potty trained our son.

So my wife is in Target picking up some stuff. She gets to the child area and shows our son the potty and asks him if he wants one.  He gets  all excited about it so my wife buys the potty seat and a small step stool so he could get up to it (it’s one of those that goes on top of the toilet seat).  She also bought him some cool new Elmo underwear.

When I get home I see the potty and my son is still excited about it. He begs us to open it up.  I tear into it and put the parts together.  In the meantime my wife opens up the underwear and tries a pair on my son.  He’s real excited and wants to go pee-pee in the potty.

Understand that up to this point my son has always used diapers! One time I tried to just sit him on the regular toilet seat and he kinda bugged out about it.  Understandable since it is a big gaping hole leading to a bowl of water.

Back to using the potty…

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We take our son to the toilet and put the potty on top of the toilet seat. We put the stool in front f it and help our son step up.  He turns around and takes his underwear down.  I pick him up and put him on the seat.

At this point we’re happy he’s even sitting there.  If that’s all it is then it’s a great first step.

Then our son makes an announcement – he’s going pee-pee.  Yeah, yeah.  Then we hear it.  The little bugger is actually peeing on the toilet! When he finishes we give him a little piece of toilet paper to wipe with then lift him off the seat so he can put his underwear back on (which he did all by himself, mind you!).  We move the stool in front of the sink so he can wash his hands which he does a great job with.

I gotta tell you my wife and I are in shock at this point!  The little guy just totally used the potty for the first time!!

And that wasn’t all.

For the rest of the night all he wants to do is go pee-pee again.  Well, after he tried on the rest of his new underwear.  We indulge him and hep him to the seat time after time.

But you know what?  He actually used the potty two more times!

He’s totally psyched about using the potty and we’re psyched that he’s psyched.  This is just a beginning but it’s a great beginning!  We just might see him grow out of diapers real soon!

Do you have a potty training story?  How did you manage it?

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