Superbowl Weekend and Links

As a New Yorker I’m stoked to see the Giants in the Big Game!

It will be fun to watch it with the kids too.  Though I suspect their interest will wane pretty quickly.  That’s OK, the little ones are still young (our oldest daughter isn’t that interested in it).

Do you get the whole family involved in the SuperBowl?  Do you hold a big party?  How do you get everyone excited?

I haven’t done a roundup in some time.

So let’s take a look at some super articles and carnivals:

Harvard Business ReviewThe Trouble With Bright Kids – Heidi Grant Halvorson – Very interesting article about the long-term messages sent to kids that have gifted intelligence.

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CNN Living | What teachers really want to tell parents – – Another interesting read, this one talking about the role parents play in their children’s education.

Good Financial Cents | The Top 67+ Family Finance Articles to Live Your Life to The Fullest

How To Be A Dad | Baby Sleep Positions: “The Roundhouse Kick”

Matt About Money | An Irrational Financial Act

Freakonomics Blog | The Worst Mistake I Ever Made: An Economists’ Parenting Quorum

GalTime | Is The Division of Labor In Your House More Equal?

Frugal Zeitgeist | Kicking Adult Child Out of the Home

After the Alter | Eat This, Not That…In Baby Land

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