4 Ways to Save Money on Your Kids Clothing

In the realm of household finances, clothing is what you might call a “soft cost.” There’s no fixed expense, no monthly bill to pay, in fact in many homes it might not even rate a line item in the family budget.

Until you have children!

And once you do, the money you pay to keep them dressed seems to quietly expand until they become teenagers, when it becomes—how can I explain this adequately—a Real Expense. I have two teenagers, and I’ve seen this play out.  Along the way, my wife and I have learned various ways to rein in this ever-growing cost.
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New Car or Used Car for a Teen Driver?

Buying a car can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but buying your teenage son or daughter their first car can be…gut-wrenching! It’s tough enough to realize that your little boy or girl isn’t so little anymore.   Or that they’ll be on the road driving–alone–with the same lunatics you’re on the road with everyday on the way to work.  But then there are the costs of adding yet another car to the family inventory.

One of the factors that affect cost and everything else about a car for your teenager is the kind you buy—new or used.  There are advantages going either way, and it always helps to analyze them in some detail before coming to a decision. [Read more…]