Festival of Frugality #290 – Going on Vacation

It is our absolute pleasure to be hosting the Festival of Frugality this week.  As you know, the Festival of Frugality contains the best articles on frugality and saving money from sites big and small.  This week we’re going on vacation so I thought we’d share some of our tips on going away.

Let’s get right to the frugal awesomeness!

These are the Editor’s Picks:
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How to Combine Children with Work-at-Home Jobs

Many parents—mothers especially—see work-at-home as the perfect blend of work and child rearing.  Because you’re at home you can both earn a living and be close to your children.  Additionally, you can save the substantial cost that comes with daycare.

But is that how it will work? It could, but it will depend on a number of factors and how you’ll handle them.

The type of work you’ll do from home

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Inexpensive (Cheap) Date Night Ideas for Parents

Psychologists and marriage counselors champion the benefits of establishing regular “date nights” for married couples that have children. It’s a matter of keeping the romance alive in your relationship, reminding yourself that you’re still an adult, and—let’s call it what it is–sanity! We can only hang out on Sesame Street so long, and then we need adult time.

There are two problems with this for most couples with children—time and money.  Time as in “who will watch the kids while we’re gone”, and money as in most of it is spent on the kids.

The solution to the time problem is a babysitter, an inexpensive one!  The answer to the money issue is finding ways to have a good time that won’t cost too much.  Truth be told, most entertainment oriented activities have gotten prohibitively expensive.   Concerts, theater tickets, amusement parks, comedy clubs and even a night at the movies are largely beyond the financial means of couples with children, especially as regular outings.  But there are ways around all of it. [Read more…]

The Body Shop Groupon National Offer – $40 for $20 (and bonus)

Groupon is at it again! This time they want to help you pamper yourself and treat your body right with products from The Body Shop.

Groupon: Get the Best Deal in Your City Today!  The Body Shop
You can get $40 worth of items at The Body Shop for $20!  And there’s a bonus too.  If you redeem your Groupon before May 30th, 2011 then your Groupon is worth $45.  This is good on sale items as well.

The offer needs to be redeemed in-store and there is a limit of three (3) Groupons per person (you can you one per visit).

The Body Shop sells beauty and body products for women and men including soaps, lotions, bath products, skin care, shampoos, and more.
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Sesame Street and Teaching Kids About Money – For Me, For You, For Later

Who doesn’t like Sesame Street? I grew up watching it and now I watch it with my kids (the little one loves singing Elmo’s World).  Not only is it fun to watch, but they do a great job of teaching children as well.

Sesame Street has teamed up with PNC Bank to produce For Me, For You, For Later – First Steps to Spending. Sharing, and Saving™.

The site, part of the SesameStreet.org website, provides instructional materials to help teach children about money and saving.  In it you will find videos, songs, and printable materials.

Children may not always get a formal education in money and saving but what they do get is the example we set as parents.  The materials in For Me, For You, For Later help parents talk to their children about the basics of money.
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Make Your Own DIY Household Cleaners For Pennies

I don’t love cleaning. OK, I kind of despise it.  But what I always hated more was the idea that I was using chemicals in my home that were possibly damaging to my family and/or the environment.  And the fumes just give me a headache.

So, years ago, I swapped out some of the cleaners I regularly bought for natural ones I mixed up at home.  I used ingredients that could often be bought for a dollar or less… and were already in my cabinets anyway.  Since then, there has been an explosion of natural cleaning brands on the market.  Some are great, but they tend to be pricey.  I find that my homemade cleaners work as well, if not better, than many of them.
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