When Does Being Sick End and Links

It’s been a rough season for us. We’ve been in a wicked cycle of viruses that go through the kids, then it hits me, then the kids get sick from some other virus.  There’s really nothing more helpless than a child that’s sick, especially when they are young and can’t really understand what’s going on or tell you what’s bothering them.

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Kids Clothing

In the realm of household finances, clothing is what you might call a “soft cost.” There’s no fixed expense, no monthly bill to pay, in fact in many homes it might not even rate a line item in the family budget.

Until you have children!

And once you do, the money you pay to keep them dressed seems to quietly expand until they become teenagers, when it becomes—how can I explain this adequately—a Real Expense. I have two teenagers, and I’ve seen this play out.  Along the way, my wife and I have learned various ways to rein in this ever-growing cost.
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Credit Card Perks – Take Advantage of What You Have

If you’re a responsible credit card user (you pay it off monthly), then you can some significant savings with your credit cards. Many people already know of some great reward cards that can help them get airline tickets, cash back, or points.  They don’t, however, know that they can get free services that can save some money on their next purchases.

If you’re on top of them, credit cards can keep some money in your pocket.
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Bring On the Sun and Links

Slowly, but surely, the warm weather is creeping back in. That means I get to take the kids out more and explore the parks in the area.  We’ve been stuck inside most days with the cold.  I know, we can still get out in the Winter, but most days are just too brutal to be outside for any real length of time with the kids.

Anyhow, here are some great articles I’ve found:

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Planning on Having Kids? Save the Nice Furniture for After They Grow Up

When my husband and I got married, we were beyond broke and did not have money to furnish our apartment with new furniture. Instead, we went to a thrift shop and bought a dining room table and two chairs for $25, and even that was a big purchase in our minds.  The rest of our furniture came from garage sales (two more dining room chairs) or as hand me downs from relatives.

When my salary increased and we had a little extra money, we chose NOT to upgrade our furniture.  Why?  Children.

While our children are cute and adorable, and we love them endlessly, they are little terrors when it comes to furniture.  I think all kids are made that way; it is in their fiber to be rough on furniture. [Editor: Yes, I can attest to that!]
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Amazon Mom Review – Free Amazon Prime As Well As Discounts

Have you heard of Amazon Mom yet? It’s a great program that Amazon offers for those with kids or those that take care of kids, from the prenatal stages to the toddler years.

Take a look at the benefits of Amazon Mom:

– 30% Select Diapers and Wipes.  Amazon Mom members get 15% off discount on diapers and wipes.  The other 15% comes from orders you make through their Subscribe and Save program.  That’s 30% off!  With Subscribe and Save you set up a subscription for an item you need, such as diapers, and Amazon will mail it out to based on the schedule you set up.  This could be weekly, monthly, every other month — however you need it.  And the delivery is free.

– Free 2-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime. When you join Amazon Mom you are entitled to free 2-day shipping with their Amazon Prime program for the first 3 months of your membership.  Amazon Prime is awesome!  Rather than free shipping on a purchase of $25 or more you get free 2-day shipping on just about everything (some items, like third party items, aren’t included).
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