What is the Right Age to Give Your Child a Cell Phone?

Back when my kids were still in elementary school, my wife and I fiercely resisted the trend to provide our kids with cell phones. Admittedly, it was a bit easier to do so just a few years ago when not quite everyone had given a phone to every child over the age of five.  As it turned out, we got phones for them a couple of years earlier than we planned on doing so, but a couple of years after our kids thought they were ready.

Giving a cell phone to a child has greater implications than we often think. There are arguments for giving it to them as soon as possible, and others—just as good—for waiting. There’s no perfect age since each child matures at a different rate, and can handle the responsibilities and privileges of cell phone ownership at different times.

What are the factors that might influence your decision one way or the other? [Read more…]

Theoretically a Toddler Can Get Her Hand Stuck In a Baby Wipes Box

So, I think theoretically, a toddler, say around 21 months or so, can get their hand stuck in a box of baby wipes.

I say theoretically because that would never happen around here…

But, say a toddler were playing with a box of wipes.  And say the child was sticking her hand in the top pulling out wipes, you know, to clean dolls and such.  By my calculations, a child could stick their hand in up to the wrist and not be able to pull it out.

You would find out about this because you would hear the child start to get irritated and panic behind you (like if you were at a desk and the child were a few feet away playing, I’m just saying).
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Should Your Child Learn A Second Language?

Do you want your child to be bilingual? It’s something more and more parents are thinking about these days.  Let’s examine some common questions parents have when considering this idea.

What are the benefits of learning a second language at an early age? Can it be damaging to my child’s development in his or her native language?

Any long-term problems caused by a child’s exposure to more than one language have proven to be myth.  In fact, numerous studies have found many positive cognitive benefits to the development of children who are bilingual.  These kids have been shown to have higher standardized test scores in verbal, logic, and even math sections.  One study showed that bilingual students outperform all comparison groups and remain high academic achievers throughout their academic life.  A study by Cornell language researchers recently found that bilingual children were better able to tune out distractions while performing a task — a key skill for success in school. [Read more…]

New Car or Used Car for a Teen Driver?

Buying a car can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but buying your teenage son or daughter their first car can be…gut-wrenching! It’s tough enough to realize that your little boy or girl isn’t so little anymore.   Or that they’ll be on the road driving–alone–with the same lunatics you’re on the road with everyday on the way to work.  But then there are the costs of adding yet another car to the family inventory.

One of the factors that affect cost and everything else about a car for your teenager is the kind you buy—new or used.  There are advantages going either way, and it always helps to analyze them in some detail before coming to a decision. [Read more…]

Bring On the Sun and Links

Slowly, but surely, the warm weather is creeping back in. That means I get to take the kids out more and explore the parks in the area.  We’ve been stuck inside most days with the cold.  I know, we can still get out in the Winter, but most days are just too brutal to be outside for any real length of time with the kids.

Anyhow, here are some great articles I’ve found:

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