Lovin’ Spring Break and Links

Spring Break is pretty cool this year – it lasts for more than a week. The different holidays spread out this year so it makes the holiday a little longer than usual.  I’m not complaining!

We’ve been catching up with friends and family all week.  Of course it’s also a time to reflect on family and life during the holiday.  On top of that we’ve been trying to take care of things that need doing around the house.  Vacations like this end up being busy.  But it’s been good and it will be a bit sad to see out oldest and my wife head back to school.  Only a few more months until the Summer though!

I hope your holiday (be it Passover or Easter) has been great!

Here are some great articles to check out:

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Mentioned in The Consumerist and Links

Exciting times here at Parenting Family Money. So we were out all day at a family event yesterday.  Later in the evening I check in on the site to do some work (like this here roundup) and what do I find?  The Consumerist mentioned my housecleaning service article. Give it a look: Deciding Whether A House Cleaning Service Is Worth It Give it a look.

Awesome stuff!  I’ve had this site since June of ’09 but really haven’t worked hard on it until March of this year.  It’s great to get a notice like The Consumerist on this young site. [Read more…]

First Haircut

Our little guy turned three a few weeks ago.  Up until then he never had a haircut.  For a while his long, curly locks looked real cool flying all over he place but lately its been more messy than anything resembling a hair style.  So the time came – We needed to get him a haircut.
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Donate to Haiti Victims

I’m sure you have heard about the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti.  The quake struck before 5pm on Tuesday, about 10 miles southwest of the capitol Port-au-Prince.  It was a 7.0 in magnitude on the Richter Scale and destroyed much of the infrastructure.  The death toll in the country is unknown.  Many parts of the capital are without power or communications.  Hospitals in the area are not functioning.

Relief programs are scrambling to bring aid to a country in ruins.
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Links 01-10-10

Parenting Family Money was included in a few carnivals recently:

Carnival of Personal Finance: Parts-of-speech abuse edition
Money Hacks Carnival #97 – End Of 2009 Edition – Canadian Finance Blog
Carnival of Money Stories- New Year’s 2010 Edition

Blog carnivals contain articles submitted by various blogs related around a specific subject. In these cases the carnivals were personal finance related. You should check them out!

Here are some other articles that have been great reads around the web:

Two Vital Elements for a Peaceful Household at Zen Family Habits

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Trimming the Average Budget: Food at Home at The Simple Dollar

» 11 Smart Money Moves to Supercharge Your Finances at The Dough Roller

How Serious Are The Toxins From Pollutants Found In Human Breast Milk? at The Good Human

Go check out all of these great articles!

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Diapers – Cloth Vs Disposable Comparison Article

I came across a great comparison of cloth diapers versus disposable diapers over at Cash Money Life.  In the article, Patrick, discusses why they chose to mostly go with cloth diapers.  He actually chooses a hybrid approach, using cloth diapers at home and using disposable when away (so he doens’t have to carry soiled diapers around).
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