Financial Literacy: What to Teach Younger Children


Financial literacy is an important part of raising children to be successful and independent. However, good money habits don’t just develop spontaneously. Children need to have instruction in financial literacy from the time they are small.  It … [Continue reading]

Superbowl Weekend and Links

As a New Yorker I'm stoked to see the Giants in the Big Game! It will be fun to watch it with the kids too.  Though I suspect their interest will wane pretty quickly.  That's OK, the little ones are still young (our oldest daughter isn't that … [Continue reading]

5 Kids Expenses to Budget For – Apart from College

Most parents understand the need to prepare for their children’s college educations by budgeting money while the kids grow. But there are other expenses—not on the magnitude of college—that are also worthy of budgets all there own. If you have … [Continue reading]

How to Save on Groceries When You Have a Food Intolerance


If you or a loved one has a food allergy or intolerance, you may be frustrated by your escalating grocery bill.  In my own family, both my daughter and I have a dairy intolerance, and I just recently I found out I also have a soy intolerance.  … [Continue reading]

A Beginner’s Guide to Once a Month Freezer Cooking


Are you looking to save money by not dining out as frequently?  Do you want to feed your family healthy, home cooked meals, but you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to do so every night? If so, you may want to try once a month cooking … [Continue reading]

5 Ways Around the Student Debt Trap

school classroom

We all want the best education for our children, but what if you can’t afford the perfect one? Do you saddle your aspiring college student with $50,000, $75,000--$100,000 in student loan debt upon graduation? There are ways to avoid the student … [Continue reading]