9 Inexpensive Ways to Amuse Kids Over the Summer

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Summer vacation has arrived. For many of us, that means the constant refrain of, “I’m bored!”  You want to provide something for your kids to do (other than watch TV or play video games), but you don’t want to spend a lot of money.  Happily, there … [Continue reading]

Festival of Frugality #290 – Going on Vacation

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It is our absolute pleasure to be hosting the Festival of Frugality this week.  As you know, the Festival of Frugality contains the best articles on frugality and saving money from sites big and small.  This week we're going on vacation so I thought … [Continue reading]

Take Advantage of Free 2011 Reading Programs During the Summer

In just a few short weeks, kids will be out of school for the summer (some already are).  While kids are counting down the remaining days they have left in school this academic year and can’t wait for those summer days, many parents are counting down … [Continue reading]

How to Combine Children with Work-at-Home Jobs

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Many parents—mothers especially—see work-at-home as the perfect blend of work and child rearing.  Because you’re at home you can both earn a living and be close to your children.  Additionally, you can save the substantial cost that comes with … [Continue reading]

Inexpensive (Cheap) Date Night Ideas for Parents

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Psychologists and marriage counselors champion the benefits of establishing regular “date nights” for married couples that have children. It’s a matter of keeping the romance alive in your relationship, reminding yourself that you’re still an adult, … [Continue reading]

What Does Mom Really Want for Mother’s Day?

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and restaurants are gearing up for the rush. Traditionally, Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants, followed by Valentine’s Day.  Having worked in the restaurant industry for several years, … [Continue reading]