The Body Shop Groupon National Offer – $40 for $20 (and bonus)

Groupon is at it again! This time they want to help you pamper yourself and treat your body right with products from The Body Shop. You can get $40 worth of items at The Body Shop for $20!  And there's a bonus too.  If you redeem your Groupon … [Continue reading]

Lovin’ Spring Break and Links

Spring Break is pretty cool this year - it lasts for more than a week. The different holidays spread out this year so it makes the holiday a little longer than usual.  I'm not complaining! We've been catching up with friends and family all week.  … [Continue reading]

Selecting the Best Cell Phone Plan for your Child

Folding Cell Phone

Kids and Cell Phones Part ll - Selecting the Best Cell Phone Plan Last time in What is the Right Age to Give Your Child a Cell Phone? we tried answering the “when” question of kids and cell phones.   This week we’ll assume the answer to that … [Continue reading]

Is There Anything Wrong With Painting A Boy’s Toenails Pink?

J Crew Pink Toenails Ad

I heard about a recent brouhaha over a J Crew ad that come out in which a designer has painted her young son's toenails pink.  In the ad, designer Jenna Lyons says "Lucky for me I ended up with a baby whose favorite color is pink.  Toenail painting … [Continue reading]

Sesame Street and Teaching Kids About Money – For Me, For You, For Later

Sesame Street teaches kids about money.

Who doesn't like Sesame Street? I grew up watching it and now I watch it with my kids (the little one loves singing Elmo's World).  Not only is it fun to watch, but they do a great job of teaching children as well. Sesame Street has teamed up with … [Continue reading]

Mentioned in The Consumerist and Links

Exciting times here at Parenting Family Money. So we were out all day at a family event yesterday.  Later in the evening I check in on the site to do some work (like this here roundup) and what do I find?  The Consumerist mentioned my housecleaning … [Continue reading]